5 things to do to boost your SM following

Depending on the kind of business you wish to market on social media (SM), there could well be a few more things to take into account. For me, it has become necessary to link my WordPress website to at least two social media platforms. For the time being, I am utilizing Facebook and Instagram. So far so good, and I am more than satisfied. It is necessary to put into practice linking in order to broaden your reach as far as possible.

And in the last few months, as I experience a more urgent need to expand my business, I have felt it necessary to buy followers on Instagram, as well as Facebook. Although it is less urgent to my purposes and needs, I am also compelled, from time to time, and this is only occasional, to buy likes for my two marketing platforms. And for your benefit, maybe you are just starting out, I could just mention five standard practices you could put into place for your social media work going forward to help you boost your following.

Particularly if you are just starting out, I have already hinted that you might want to buy your first batch of followers. This is just to help create a strong impression among your targeted followers. Speaking of targets, how are you to address this. Knowing what characteristics they imbibe and how they will fit your business or project purpose can only come about as a result of practical market research and development work.

This means a lot of reading work, feeding off other social media platforms as well as websites relevant and coincidental to your niche or theme. Your practical R & D work will also help you to compose smart and streamlined hashtags. They’ll be smart in the sense that you will not be putting together nonsensical phrases that will no-one will understand. And you will not be going overboard. You will be utilizing the hashtag sparingly and only when relevant to do so. And to ensure that it works, you will need to test whether it gets carried forward by other websites that you have piggy-backed to.

When it comes to social media marketing and communications, I’m quite lucky. I love writing and I derive most of my income from it. But I do understand that there are many newbies out there that might be a little afraid of this practice. They don’t want to make a fool of themselves, believing that they cannot write to save themselves. I believe that you can. Yes, it does take practice to perfect your craft. And the great thing about using an Instagram platform is that you only need to publish a few lines.

Doing your early R & D work, do make sure that you have latched onto SM leaders in your related fields as followers. Apart from making yourself known to others, this is still a great way to learn how it’s done.