Becoming Instant News on Social Media

When you are new to a social media platform, it is never easy to make new friends. I found this out for myself when I started engaging with others on Facebook. It was like your first day at school and I never knew which corner to turn to. But in time, I learnt how to make friends on social media platforms and by the time I signed up with Instagram, I was able to grow Instagram followers at the drop of a hat.

For the rest of this post I share with you my tips on how to become your circle’s big news of the day, and on a regular basis to boot. I’ll share my sentiment on regular reading alongside the need to submit regular posts. I’ll also touch up this post on what used to be a rather tetchy subject for purists like myself. In terms of creating maximum exposure on social media, it did not take me long to figure out that we were all basically behaving like your proverbial ignoramuses.

I’m keeping you in suspense, aren’t I? Well, no more then. If it was not for my voracious appetite for reading, I would not have been able to objectively address the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers as opposed to just allowing them to grow organically. Hence the need to read regularly. The more you read, the more you learn and discover, not so? Part of your reading regime entails reading up on what other social media campaigners are posting.

You get a sense of what they feel and like. And you can use this to your advantage when composing your regular posts. It will be all good and well to project yourself positively but it should help your cause if you take into account what your target market would like to see, hear and acquire. One of the things active consumers enjoy a lot on social media is following regular posts.

And if you find this prospect daunting, do not worry. Social media consumers are not expecting to see, let alone read, long essays. Just a few short, captivating lines that are relevant is all they will be asking of you. The relevancy of your lines is related to the bright photo you will be posting as well.

The standard formula for regular Instagram posting is to send out at least one post a day. If this is still too much for you, at least once every second day is still fine. But given the competition out there, I would argue for an average of, say, three posts a day.

If you need to establish yourself commercially ASAP, then I would recommend that you buy a small batch of followers for starters. It creates the impression among would-be real and organic followers that you are doing alright and may be credible and of value to them, come what may, or whatever it is that you are dishing up for them.