Do you have suitable SM platform?

I have just four sub-themes in mind. These tie into what I was recently thinking about in regard to the platform I’m using. Perhaps you are using Instagram too? I’m still relatively new to this popular platform, but I have had extensive social media writing and marketing experience, having utilized Facebook and WordPress for the last few years before signing up with Instagram. My thoughts relate to how the platform and its administrators perceive you.

Most of our thoughts are preoccupied with how our current audience or target markets perceive us. This is standard, par for the course, and understandable. But given the lengths that Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, among others, have gone to help us out, at little to no cost to them, and us, I asked myself this question. What if I started following the platform from which I have been able to launch my career to another successful level?

Among others? Let me scrap that and rephrase. Perhaps there are a couple more platforms out there, YouTube comes to mind straightaway, that have been good to us. But if you have been expansive in your research on what platforms to use and your appetite for more exposure has been as voracious as mine has been over the last few years, you would have also tried and tested a few duds. Let’s drop those and press on.

For now, surely there are influencers and followers Instagram, Facebook and WordPress – and YouTube – are well and truly happy to have on their platforms. These followers and influencers could be indirectly or deliberately promoting the social media giants’ brands. How does this come about? And what can we do to elevate our own status with these giants? The sub-themes I have in mind that could assist us in our own promotional cause are; presentation, considering our audience, use of our platforms’ filters and last but not least, following our favorite social media icons.

That could be Instagram. Or it could be Facebook, WordPress or even YouTube. Regarding presentation, I think it is a good idea to go commercial, more so if you are using the Instagram platform to promote or market your own business. You give your platform’s presentation the distinct impression to outsiders that you are operating from the Instagram platform. That, in itself, may already be an instant attraction to them if you will.

Giving due consideration to your audience is of vital importance to your social media hosting platforms and not just you. You need to be mindful of your words and show respect, tolerance, and temperance across the board.

Use of your selected platform’s filters is encouraged. They’ve developed these for your benefit and many of them come at no cost to you. Also, following the platform on which you are based is good in the sense that you will be apprised of up to date information on new enhancements and plenty of tutorial material on how you can better yourself on it.