Let’s talk about winning & gaining

I’m sure that most of my readers here will agree with my positive sentiments. And of course, there will always be those who don’t. Fortunately, they’re very few and far between. They’re your naysayers, the guys who say it just can’t be done. They’re doubters and it’s a miracle they’re even still here. But then again, more than likely not. Probably sleeping it off in bed or in a dead-end job. It must be quite sticky and tricky when you’ve got your head buried in the sand.

Ah, but that’s not you. Me neither. Let’s get on with it then. Let’s sign up for gains.

Sign up for a social media account. I’d recommend Instagram any day. And if you’re as colourful and positive as I think you are, you will gain followers on Instagram sure enough. I’m also happy to say that how many followers you gain, and how quickly you do it, is entirely up to you. It’s in your hands. Yes, I know, I know. You’ve got your mobile in the palm, the sweaty palm of your hand, and you’re itching to go. Great that you’re all so positive. You get negative and you get nowhere. And you usually find that things go wrong from here to there.

Write the profile of your life. In more ways than one. You need to do that. What did the great nameless philosopher once say? Positive things happen to positive people. After registering your Instagram account, you’ll be wanting to write a really positive overview on what you do and what you’d like to achieve. And don’t be shy to show a little ambition. Your future followers will like that in you. They’ll be impressed with your spunk. I know, I will. But don’t go crazy on me. Be honest and don’t kill me outrageously. I like to see the genuine in people.

That’s the standard formula for popular Instagram platforms. As the famous rock song goes; shiny, happy people. Before you start posting. And before I carry on. I’ve got to go somewhere. Back in a bit. Whew! I was really quite exhausted, you know. Came down with the flu bug. It still didn’t stop me from working. I was still working mentally on this post, amongst other things. A busy mind keeps all negativity away. And what’s that they say about idle hands?

Anyway, follow and learn. Pick out really great guys and girls and learn from them. Learn from the best. This does not mean, however, that you’ll be following the most popular Instagram platforms. There’s still plenty of room for quality. Of course, you’ll be picking out social media leaders that come closest to your business or personal interest. That’s relevancy.

And here too, you mustn’t be idle. Take part. Write your comments and do ask questions. Oh well, I’ve run out of time and space. For what it’s worth, it’s been really great talking to you all.